We are fortunate to have an experienced and diverse board of directors, many of whom are of Native American descent. Their knowledgeable governance, fundraising assistance and personal donations enable the club to serve the needs of our members, and ensure the security of the club’s future.

Annie Phare (Lummi) - Program Manager, Seattle-King County Public Health
Board President

Steve Trainer – Principal, Seneca Group
Board Secretary

Ken Gordon - Executive Director, Northwest Biomedical Research
Board Treasurer

Denise Busch (Inupiat) - Director, Human Resources for Western Region, Edelman
Governance Committee Chair

Ned Delmore - Executive Director, St. Vincent de Paul of Seattle

Jon Panamaroff (Sun'aq) – Chief Executive Officer, Colville Tribal Solutions Corporation

Brian Huntoon (Abenaki) - Photographer

Heather Nason (Comanche) - Attorney, Peregrine Law Group

Lonnie Nelson (Cherokee) - Clinical Psycholigst / Acting Assistant Professor, University of Washington Department of Health Services

Denise Stiffarm (Gros Ventre) – Attorney, Pacifica Law Group

Mel Sheldon (Tulalip) - Council Member, Tulalip Tribe

Aren Sparck (Cupik) - Government Affairs Office, Seattle Indian Health Board

Tricia Trainer - Spiritual Director

Tiara Turner (Aleut) - Quota Manager, Freezer Longling Coalition

Bree Kameenui-Ramirez (Hawaiian) - Senior Litigation Counsel, Weyerhaeuser