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Seattle, WA 98104                                                                    
Front desk phone: (206) 292-6214
Fax: (206) 621-1026

The Chief Seattle Club is open from 7:00 am - 2:00 pm, 7 days a week .

The Chief Seattle Club is open from 7:00 am - 2:00 pm, 7 days a week.


STAFF                                                       Case Managers

Colleen Echohawk (Pawnee / Athabascan)                           
Executive Director
Phone: (206) 965-1291

Derrick Belgarde, MPA (Siletz / Chippewa-Cree)
Deputy Director
Phone: (206) 965-1290

Colleen Chalmers (Lakota)
Program Manager
Phone: (206) 292-6214

Pam Vaughn (Diné / Cowichan)
Human Resources Manager
Phone: (206) 292-6214

Samantha Biasca (Kaigani Haida / Tlingit / Inupiaq)
Executive Assistant
Phone: (206) 965-1294

Lacey Stevenson Warrior (Dena’ina / Gros Ventre / Alutiiq)
Native Works Manager
Phone: (206) 292-6214

Deanna James-Lopez (Oaxacan)
Weekend Manager
Phone: (206) 292-6214

Matthew Zephier-Provost (Ihanktonwan Nakotah)
Front Desk Coordinator

Andrei Jacobs (Yup’ik / Inupiaq)
Capitol Campaign Manager

Barbara Rivera (Yakima / Sioux)
Member Services Coordinator

Alicia Diamond
Communication Strategist

Hannah Victoria Franklin

Tien Achley
Accounts Payable Manager

Will Myers
Development Coordinator




Nawiishtunmi Conner (Yakama / Blackfeet)
Case Manager Director
Phone: (206) 718-1798

George Farrell (Hunkpapa Lakota)
Outreach Case Manager
Phone: (206) 473-2654

Donalda Lyons (Pima / Papago)
Rapid Re-housing Family Manager

Tanya Marceau (Blackfeet / Red Lake)
Rapid Re-housing Case Manager
Phone: (206) 292-6214

Bradly Smith
Rapid Re-housing Case Manager

Cristian Santos
Rapid Re-housing Case Manager

Tina Berkley  
Eviction Prevention Specialist

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